A fairytale-game for children and not only …
Duration of the performance - 35 minutes
Recommended for children from 2 years old

The premier - 27th February 2015

Author - A. Lysova (loosely based on the V. Suteeva story)

Director -
A. Lysova
(Kirovsky puppeteer theater named after A.N. Afanasjeva)

Production designer -
Honored artist of the Republic of Tatarstan
A. Mitrofanov

Musical performance staging of the performance -
Honored employee of culture of the Russian Federation
N. Evdokimova

The performance – is a game for the babies and older. "Who said Meow?"- a spectacle filled with good bright emotions. As we know, there is nothing that improves mood, like communication with pets, cat or kitty. What could be nicer than cats? Mischievous and playful, flexible and restless - they are, our furry friends.

Curious baby - a puppy, hearing a meow, goes in search of a strange beast - troublemaker, who said "meow", on the way he met various inhabitants of the house and yard. Nevertheless, none of them said "Meow"; neither rooster, mouse, frog, nor even a shaggy cat. Every kid, staying home alone, becomes a wizard, imagines, and dreams of a fabulous, extraordinary world. Therefore, every toy in the child's imagination can turn into a live puppy or kitten, which, certainly, will brighten up kid`s loneliness. And what could be more wonderful and more important than to find a faithful and good friend?

Performance "Who said Meow?" - A story about a child's spontaneity and inquisitiveness, about the first acquaintance with the world, which, undoubtedly, will amuse both small and adult viewers.

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