The performance is for children from 3 years old

The premier of the performance - march 2015

Author - G. Oster

The director-producer - G. Lihazkaya

Art director-producer - Honored art worker of the Republic of Tatarstan A. Mitrofanov

A human needs very little in order to be happy, especially the little ones. Carefree Monkey thought that "hello" from Boa is something tangible like chocolate, but turned out, that "hello" was immaterial. He was not connected to the present, much to the dismay of the Monkey. The characters of the story find out what is "hello" and the meaning. Why shall we use kind words when speaking to each other? What is more important gifts or attention, care and love of friends?

Left to right: Eva Mingazheva (Monkey), Landish Murzahanova (Boa), Rimma Mitrofanova (Elephant), Miseria Tuktarova (Parrot)

Left to right: Rimma Mitrofanova, Eva Mingazheva, Egor Mitrofanov
(rehearsal of the play)

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