There was a town. It was new, with new buildings, new streets and new people. It was a good town because there were a lot of children.

But it`s difficult for children to grow up and become good people, when everything is new. Each child must have a shabby favorite book, favorite, rolled up from embrace, teddy bear, and an old grandmother, who knew how to bake pies and tell stories...

There were no such things in the new town, and parents began to notice strange things in behavior of their children. Someone heard that one girl pushed another! Someone had seen the boy took a toy from someone who was smaller than he was! And when the boy with the eyes of a Little Prince said to the other boy with the eyes of an Elf bad word, parents have understood - it is necessary to change something.

Yuri Ivanovich Petrushin

Adults gathered. And the chief of the town Yuri Ivanovich Petrushin said:

- Earlier, in our country the status of a town was appropriated only if there the theater was. In order our new town has turned into the correct town, we need a theater, and so that our children are not fighting and swearing, we need a children's theater.

And all parents were delighted:

- Yes! We need a children's theater!

In addition, the certain mother wept and said:

- I am so tired at a work, making such necessary for our state machine that I have no strength at night to read my child a fairy tale.

And someone's dad said:

- I have only one day off, and I have nowhere to go with my baby to arrange his holiday.

- Resolved, - said the chief, - theater is necessary as air and I even know who will lead our theater - Alexander Yankelevich!

- Are you kidding? - cried Dad, who had only one day off. He has the same beard! It is similar to Karabas Barabas!

Fairuza Zufarovna Mustafina

And some mother, who was not only a mother, but she also helped in the work of the chief of the town, Fairuza Zufarovna Mustafina, said:

- He had such kind eyes! He looks like a wizard! He would be a good director of a Puppet Theater!

Alexander Moiseevich Yankelevich

Thus Alexander Moiseevich Yankelevich became a head of the theater. He began by saying that he went to the largest city - Moscow and invited from there the actors of the theater. He chose them correctly, that the two are still working in the theater.

Igor Klyuyev

A young boy - Igor Klyuyev, who first played bunnies, then the princes, grew into an adult strong man and became the chief director.

Galina Kuznetsova

And another young girl - Galina Kuznetsova, grew, grew and grew into a leading actress of the theater and Honored Artist of Tatarstan! Here is how director picked the actors.

When there is only the actors - it is not a theater. We needed an audience. And the actors with his first play "Cat, Rooster and Fox" went to the orphanage in Elabuga. Where else to go? After all, children who have no parents, most in need of a fairy tale. It was winter. December 30, New Year's Eve. The children watched a performance in coats and hats - it was so cold in the room. A brightly dressed actors singing and dancing for them, rewarmed them with their love.

This day - a day of the first performance - December 30, 1987 - became the birthday of the theater..

The Cat, the Rooster and the Fox

Then Alexander Yankelevich found an abandoned school where his main chief of the town allowed occupying part of the building for the theater, and the miracles began.

School locker room turned into a theater dressing room, hall - into a foyer of the theater, the school corridor - into a gallery with portraits of actors. So happened that it was at this time, around the theater the birds started singing.

Yes! It's true, and for many years the townspeople called Puppet Theatre – The House of Children and Birds.

the lobby of the puppet theater

In this House the first performance was a wonderful musical fairy tale - "Sea Monster".
Lyrics of this performance became the motto for all the people who came to the theater:

Friendship destroys all the barriers!
Happy is one with a friend!
Friendship saves your souls!
And the darkness dispelled!


Soon there was a stop "Puppet Theatre» in the town, and small children were listening to good stories, and employees and workers of a large factory at the weekend dressed the kids and drove them to the theater.

That's the story. However, this is not the history of the theater, but only the story of its birth. Nowadays our theater is living, changing, writing it`s new stories. But unlike its first audiences who have long read adult books, in the theater settled forever "Thumbelina" and "Havroshechka" ,"Oh How It Hurts" and "Little Red Riding Hood", "Puss in Boots" and "Snow Maiden". The theater has its own chronicle but for you, our little theater-goer, the whole history of our theater is in the "pictures" of the performances.

Let's be friends!

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