Tale in one act for children from 4 years

The premiere - December, 2015

Author - Z. Alegrina

Director-producerHonored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan  I. Klyuyev

Art Director -
Honored art worker of the Republic of Tatarstan  A. Mitrofanov

Music - Russian folk

Cheerful fairy tale based on Russian folk story "By will of the Pike, do as I like" – is about magic pike, performing any desire of lazy, but good country boy Emelya and beautiful Princess, who has never smiled.

There once was an old man and he had three sons, the two was intelligent and hardworking, but the youngest – Emelya, was very lazy. For a long time the brothers persuaded him to do something useful, and finally he was persuaded to go to fetch water. He took an ax, a bucket, and slowly walked to the river. Emelya cut through the hole in a frozen river, scooped up the water, and suddenly saw a pike in the bucket, and not simple it was, but the talking one. Emelya felt sorry, let go the pike and it told him in gratitude the magic words: “By will of the Pike, do as I like” - utter these words, and all your desires will be fulfilled…

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