Performance based on S. Kozlov`s fairy tales for the blind and visually impaired children from 6 years 

The premiere - April 2014 

Author - K. (based on the fairy tales of S. Kozlov) 

Stage director - K. Jernite (Vilnius, Lithuania) 

Art Director - Honored Artist of Republic of Tatarstan A. Mitrofanov 

The play is an audio-tactile action. "Participants" - so it was decided to call the children from moral and ethical considerations, with black blindfold (this is to ensure that all children have equal conditions, since their ability to see is different). The actor accompanies each of them to the place of demonstration of the performance. Entering the hall, under your feet you can feel blanket of snow, which skillfully recreated by property man of the Theatre of linen bags with sand. Next, the participants are seated in a specially made pair of seats with soft cushions and fastened by their seatbelts. 

Then the magic begins ... The participants happen to get into the fantastic wood and feel the steps of the squirrel, hare and a bear, to touch them. By the way, all glove puppets have their ears and eyes and nose, making penetration into the fairy tale a reality, and warm hands of actors create intimate atmosphere and prevent fear.

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