The philosophical parable 

Performance for adults (16+) 

First production - 2014 

Author - E.-E. Schmitt 

Director - P. Akinin 

Artist - A. Sidorenko 

Musical arrangement - P. Akinin 

Music - group "AuktsYon" and P.I.Tchaikovsky 

Length - 1 hour 10 minutes

The protagonist is terminally ill with leukemia boy Oscar. The doctors did everything possible to save him, but all in vain... Oscar overhears the conversation of the doctor and the parents that there is no hope, and he was left alone with his thoughts. Pink Lady, the nurse of his, offers a game - to live through each of the remaining 12 days as if it was10 years. Oscar grows up, finds love, marries, becomes mature and experienced, and then grows old and dies ... all of this is between reality and imagination. Oscar writes letters to God and talks about his life, he asks for advice.

It is a philosophical melodrama with the sad but light finale, about faith, which all need, even if does not realize it.

Artists promote moral values, the concepts of mercy and compassion, which are so essential to modern society. This is a new and promising area of activity in the theater arts.

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