The play game in a single action for children from 5 years

The premiere - February 18, 2001

Author - R. Sahabutdinova
Director - A. Zabbarova
Artists - B. Nasihov, F. Mukhametshin
Musical arrangement - F. Minubaev
The music - Tatar folk

Who does not want to be a guest of the gatherings where it is so comfortable and fun, where Tatar traditional games and dances are intertwined with favorite fairy tales of well-known Tatar writers A. Alish and Gabdulla Shamukov!

"Aulak oy" (Sitting) - a performance-game, which can be compared to a journey through time. After all, for every child it will be interesting to play those games that have played their grandparents, mothers and fathers. In an easy, relaxed form passes acquaintance of the audience with customs, traditions and way of life of the Tatar people.

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