Performance-based on a Tatar epic legend for children from 6 years 

The premiere - October 25, 2002 

Authors - R. Kurban, W, Dumavi
Director - I. Zinnurov
Production designer - V. Gubskaya 

Designer of dolls - Honored art worker of the Republic of Tatarstan A. Mitrofanov 

Composer - L. Batyr-Bulgari 

The number of acts: Two 
Duration of the performance: 50 minutes 

Owner of the Water in a shape of a snake falls in love with Zuleiha and asks her to marry him in exchange for the prosperous life of the all people. Zuleiha agrees, sacrificing herself, but soon she really falls in love with Owner of Water for his kindness. Her love helps him to get rid of the evil spell of a witch. Not black snake, but a handsome prince on his ship takes away the girl to a country of happiness. 

Snake-Padishah - a conversation with children in their own language about eternal values: love and friendship, guile and devotion; love for their native land and its people. 
Добавление концовки к красной шапочке. 

The use of parquet "actors" - the large dolls, which are controlled by the hands and feet, makes the show bright and spectacular. Dancing and singing on the melody of pop hits converted a familiar story into a musical comedy. 

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