Enchanted Tale of Charles Perrault for children from 4 years 

The premiere - October 18, 2008 

Author - Z. Alegrina 
Director-producer - Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan  I. Klyuyev 
Art Director - Honored art worker  of the Republic of Tatarstan  A. Mitrofanov 
Composer - G. Khisamutdinov 

The number of acts: one 
Duration of the performance: 45 minutes 

he meeting with "Puss in Boots" is converted in a happy holiday for a small audience. Almost without deviating from the plot, the authors managed to turn it in a show with songs, dances, chases and magical transformations. 

The actors play very direct, sometimes it is not possible to understand is it a doll princess or the actress, screaming loudly, escapes from flooded royal castle mice. Humor, graceful improvisation, not very French "pronouncement" of the narrator - all this things gave to the familiar tale new French flavor, and some adult fun. 

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