Naberezhnye Chelny State Puppet Theatre won just two prestigious diplomas: "Best Director" and "Best Ensemble Cast" at the First All-Russian Festival of Puppet Theatres "Visiting Ole Lukkoye" in Yoshkar-Ola. The results of the Festival were announced fifteenth day of November.

The festival jury noted the great progress of acting performance. The play involves three leading actors of the theater: Tatiana Salikhova, Rimma Mitrofanova, and Igor Mitrofanov. Rimma Mitrofanova admitted that they have made every effort for the successful performance and expected to get a diploma "For the best ensemble cast." Results of the festival exceeded all expectations.

By the way, the play "Thumbelina" has previously been awarded a diploma for 3rd place at the International Festival of Puppet Theatres in Vinnitsa (Ukraine), a diploma for Best Director of the International Festival of Puppet Theatres in Kazakhstan. In addition, the main artist of the theater Alexei Mitrofanov has a diploma "Best Actor "at the International Festival of Puppet Theatres" Workhorse" in 2014.

The success of "Thumbelina" can be explained very simply. The combination of classic and modern in design, fine stage direction and impeccable ensemble cast - this is the components of a great children's performance.


Актеры Егор и Римма Митрофановы

СТВ-Медиа 19.11.2015

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