Performance in one act based on the Ural tales of P. Bazhov for children from 5 years

The premiere - November 23, 2006

Author - Z. Alegrina
Director-producer - Honored Artist of the Republic of TatarstanI. Klyuyev
Art Director - Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan A. Mitrofanov
Composer - G. Khisamutdinov

Duration of the performance: 45 minutes

Everything is extraordinary in this spectacle: the manner of the narration from the protagonist Kakovani, stylized antique decorations, carved wooden dolls. But the biggest surprise is waiting for the viewer in the moment when the magic little goat starts to knock it`s hoof. The story, that was told unhurriedly in a hut of a forester, with only the light of a kerosene lamp on the one hand, the abundance of light effects on the other hand - allows viewers to perceive the play as a magical Christmas card.


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