The premiere - December 22, 2009 

Author - N. Gernet
Directed by - Honored Artist of Republic of Tatarstan I. Klyuyev 

Production Designer - Honored Artist of Republic of Tatarstan A. Mitrofanov
Composer - A. Proskurin 

An insidious Fox is trying to take hold of a gosling through deception and cunning, but not only Alyonka is watching the mischievous and restless pet. Small audience is willing to protect it; and for this purpose, if it`s necessary, they can bark, shout, stamped their feet and even blow into a tube... The actors, beginning the tale, never know what the behavior of the kids will be.

This implies an improvisation throughout the performance, and the ability to respond quickly to the situation, offered by audience. When there are adults in the hall, it explodes with laughter, as not only response to Alyonka`s replicas and funny comments of Hedgehog. Children sitting in the room - full rights actors in this unusual play and spontaneity converts an amusing story in a fun comedy.

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