А play after tale Hans Christian Andersen for children aged 6 years and their parents 

The premiere - June 2013 

Author - B. Danilevich 
Director - V. Danilevich 
Art Director - Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan A. Mitrofanov 
Composer - S. Balakin 

Perhaps no one in the world knows so many incredible fairy tales, as Ole Lukoie, who again rushes to tell the kids a wonderful instructive story about a fearless soldier and beauty-Ballerina, about the evil troll and kind friends - Clowns and acrobats... 

The old tale has long since become legendary, tells the children about the heroic adventures of a tin soldier.He settled in the room of the little boy Anders among other toys. The play narrates about the war against the insidious cunning troll, the salvation from imminent death at the bottom of the city canal and mysterious returning home inside a huge fish. In addition, of course, about love ... In fact when we love, life becomes fairy tale - the mysterious story with the magical ending.

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