А performance for children from 6 years 

The premiere February 24, 2013 

Author - M. Korneicheva 

Director - M. Loginov 

Art Director - Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan  A. Mitrofanov 

Musical arrangement – Е. Yasin 

An old favorite fairy tale of Danish storyteller H.C. Andersen told by actors in a completely new way. The story, as before, is about goodness, justice, magical miracles... Bright, colorful decorations, elegant puppets, live singing of the actors help viewers to penetrate into the romantic and touching atmosphere of a little girl`s adventures. 

Thumbelina, the growth of not more than an inch, directed by fate to wander the world. She will get the house of the Toad, pass the winter in the greedy Mouse`s burrow, come across selfish beetles; variety of suitors will propose to her... However, in this difficult path Thumbelina will meet real good friends, who will help her to find happiness among the same creatures as she. 

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