А play in 2 acts based on Russian national fairy tale in one act for children from 6 years.

The premiere - October 17, 2009  

Author - L. Savchuk 
Director - L. Savchuk 
Artist - B. Nasih, F. Mukhametshin 
Composer - G. Khisamutdinov 

Performance based on motives of Russian national fairy tale from the category of "magic," is permeated with mystery and filled with wonderful transformation. The decoration, lighting effects, and the director’s findings emphasize this. In contrast to the fairy tale, in a play put the image of a dead mother, a kind of guardian angel. Havroshechka orphaned and was among the wicked people. The soul of Mother dwells in a cow and an apple tree, it helps Havroshechka in trouble and leads to happy ending. Staging, based on folk material, filled with ditties, songs, elements of divination and omens. It is interesting for young viewers and their parents. 

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