A musical comedy in one act, for children from 5 years old.

The premier of the performance– 6th of June 2005

Author – V. Korostylev

Producer - V. Dombrovsky

Art director - L. Borisovskaya

Composer – V. Dombrovsky

The number of acts: one Duration: 55 minutes<

This is a story about Doctor Aibolit, who treats animals. But Ailbolit that is on the stage of Naberezhnye Chelny State Puppet Theatre, is not only a kind doctor, but brave and fearless. As only this kind of person is always ready and able to overcome difficulties in order to help anyone in need. And a dangerous trip turns into the most exciting adventure, because Ailbolit goes into it with his friends: a monkey Chi-Chi and a dog Avva. Because of a great amount of music and humor, which have enabled the creators to call this performance a "musical comedy".

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