A Christmas story in one act, for children from 3 years old.

The premier of the performance – 24th of December 2000.

Author – V. Tkachenko

Producer - Honored artist of the Republic of Tatarstan I. Klyuev

Art directors - B. Nasikhov, F. Mukhametshina

Composer – G. Khisamutdinov

Why are the snowflakes multicolored? After all, the snow is white! Maybe they are magical? Sure! And the malicious Fox learnt that if you catch one of them, it will fulfill your most sacred wish. But there is one thing she was not aware of, that these multicolored snowflakes, only fall into the hands of honest and kind, who are able to be a friend and are ready to share the very last of what they have with a friend.

Twirling in the air, amongst ordinary, white snowflakes, the magical, multicolored snowflakes… Put out your hand, and if a snowflake would fall onto it- think of the most significant thing for you.

This is a vivid performance, with large puppets and plenty of lighting effects; it creates a Christmas mood and gives you a sense of wonder. 

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