А story about the great power of love based on the Nenets epos for children from 6 years.
Performance in one act.

The premiere - 22 December 2007

Author - I. Zagraevskaya

Director - S. Balykov

Art Director - Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan  A. Mitrofanov

Music - folk Nenets

Duration of the performance: 50 minutes

Far in the north, where ice never melts and where Sun never meets with Moon, lived a boy and a girl. The boy was a friend of Sun, and the girl was a friend of Moon. They knew nothing about each other and have never had to meet. But once particularly bright Northern Lights flashed, and ...

The script of the play is based on the folk tales of the Nenets people; costumes, decorations, music create not only a mood, but also a certain temperature in the room. Moreover, when on the background of the ice floes and Northern Lights sounds the beats of shaman tambourines and appears a huge walrus - a small audience admires the brightness of the represented image. The older children understand and philosophical undercurrent of the play: neither huge blocks of ice and cold northerly wind, nor long polar night cannot prevent the warmth of human relations, and hot feeling of love.

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