А cautionary tale in one act for children from 4 years
The premiere - April 24, 2004.

Author - I. Andreev

Director - V. Dombrowski

Production Designer - A. Mitrofanov

Composer - Lebedev

The number of acts: One
Duration of the performance: 55 minutes

The story of the Marionette, which was made by a careless boy, who was too lazy to finish it. The puppet was made clumsily, and taught nothing. We know, the one who doesn`t able to do anything, would have difficulties in life. So Scarecrow faces with different challenges, but overcoming them, he learns not to only "outspread" guarding the garden, but to make friends, to love, to take responsibility for those whom he loves.

Moral of the story is: Never say: "I can`t do it." Only say: "I never did, but I`m able to learn this".

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