Based on Tatar folk tale performance, for children from 3 years old.

The premier of the performance – 27th April 2006 г.

Author – R. Sakhabutdinova

Producer –  A.Sakhabutdinov

Art director – Honored Art employee of the Republic of Tatarstan A. Mitrofanov

Composer – R. Sakhabutdinova

Number of acts: one
Duration: 40 minutes

This performance is based on a Tatar folk fairy tale. A conversation is held with the little spectators in the manner that they comprehend, about kindness and friendship, betrayal and duties.

The puppets sing, dance and even fight; everything is so real and believable, that kids forget about puppeteers and begin to experience feelings of the performance character's.

Despite plenty of songs and funny frolicsome music, the performance helps children to make one serious conclusion: «You must keep your word and not break it, but even if you have made a mistake, you always have a chance to address your friend and make it right together.

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