A performance like a game, for children from 3 years old

The premier of the performance – 15th October 2006

Author - R. Grigoryev

Producer -
Honored artist of the Republic of Tatarstan I. Klyuev

Art director - 
Honored Art employee of the Republic of Tatarstan A. Mitrofanov

- R. Sakhabutdinova

The characters of this story live like a cat and dog. But, as a matter of fact, they are the Cat and the Dog, grown ups, very loving and carrying, but who know absolutely nothing about how to be friends.

Imitating their parents, the Kitten and the Puppy are trying to quarrel, and even to fight, but it turned out, that being friends and playing together is much more pleasant, than growling and hissing. And getting over the difficulties seems easier, when your friend is near.

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