Christmas nativity presentation for general public

Premier play- 18th of December 2005

Director/producer - V.Dombrovsky
Art–director - Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan  A. Mitrofanov

The number of the acts – one
Performance duration: 55 minutes

«Drama about the King Irod», could not be compared to any other performance of the puppet-play. Christmas nativity presentation is not only a new, until now extraordinary genre, but also absolutely new form, to show the use of the ancient drama art. All is unusual here: instead of a screen there is a large box. Which once it is opened, as a window, there is a curtain on both sides. Above is a nursery, where Jesus was born, below there is a kingdom of Irod. Further down a typical biblical plot develops. Performance takes place at candle light. This “special effect” on one side, underlines the mystery of Christmas, and on the other side, in combination with chanting of festive songs by artists in traditional folk outfits, creates a feeling, that an action takes place in an ancient chamber, that is filled with children from the whole village.

There are many finds in this theatrical performance: a capela choir singing, unexpected embodiment of flying away to God of the souls of babies, that were ruined by Irod.

In spite of the fact, that the plot of this nativity presentation is mentioned in the Bible, a church here is present on historical position only, thats why the the creators of this theatrical performance are sure, that it will be interesting to a «wider public», regardless of age and religion.

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