Philosophical story for a family viewing

Performance premier -14th of February 2008

Author - M.Bartenev
Director/producer - S.Ivannikov
Painter - S.Ivannikov
Composers - A.Hramov, S.Ivannikov

The number of acts - one
Duration of the performance -45minutes

Familiar to all of us from childhood,unpretentious tale of a «Chicken Ryaba» on stage at Chelny Puppet Theatre,has grown to a size of the philosophical pun, which makes even adults think and not only the younger viewers. Judge for yourself, why do grandfather and grandmother cry? Because of the broken egg? Does it mean, they wanted to break it? And is it possible to find such grandmother and grandfather who could be consoled by a plain egg, instead of a golden one?

There is an unexpected twist, bright costumes, catchy music, inexpressible play of the words, turn this children's fairy tale into a play for the whole family - during the show, you can laugh at what happens during the acts ,if to review strictly according to the text of the fairy tale and after the performance try to answer the riddle of a Chicken Ryaba tale.

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