Performance is in one act, based on Russian folklore, for children from 7 years

Performance premiere - 25th of February, 2003

Author - the honoured artist of the Republic of Tatarstan  I.Kluev
Director - the honoured artist of the Republic of Tatarstan  I.Kluev
Art Director - the honoured employee of Arts at the Republic of Tatarstan  A. Mitrofanov
Music - Russian folk music

The number of acts: One
Performance duration: 40 minutes

Performance delivered in a traditional style of a chaotic market scene. The scene of the play is also traditional. Petrushka has decided to get married and acquire a household — to buy a horse from a Gypsy. Only with his nature it's quite difficult.

Petrushka is pounding on a healer-charlatan, shooing the police ... Actions on the screen occurs under comments of a organ grinder, whose presence creates the necessary colour and immerses the viewer into an atmosphere of fairground festivals of Tsarist Russia.

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