On 29.06.2015 through 5.07.215 , in Naberezhie Chelny, theater will host interregional educational forum "Work Horse", organized by Naberezhnochelny State puppet theatre.

As a reminder, the International festival of puppeteer theater "Work Horse" is held on regular basis every two years, since 2008. (2008,2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 and so on).

In 2015, it was decided by the director of the theater, to organize an educational forum, with the same name as the festival. Forum, same as the festival, is planned to be held, every two years.

The aim of the forum is to educate theater professionals and help development of artists, puppeteers, puppet theater directors, with the use of new technologies in the management and promotion of the puppet theater.

Top theater specialists from Moscow, Kazan, Ufa, and even Paris were invited to this educational forum.

The forum will have lectures, workshops, training sessions and master classes in the following sections:

1. Acting and directing (for actors, assistant directors, directors, chief director).
2. Management, Marketing, PR, advertising (for the Theater Director, Deputy Director of Marketing, Head of Press Service, Press Secretary, advertising managers).
3. Dramaturgical literature (for the heads of the literary and drama department of the theater).

Master class of an ability to use accordingly- glove and tablet doll on a cane, with a master class in a creation of mini-mono performance, which will be presented by Elena Gusev (Paris, France).

Aigul Davletshina – marketing and PR head deputy at ТGAT G. Kamala (Kazan) will present and lead a seminar-practise on current issues of promotion of a theater without a budget, appropriate formation of a theater image.

Lectures on dramatic art of a puppet theater will be read by a theater critic, an honored artist and employee of Republic of Bashkortostan, Dina Davletshina (Ufa). Training for the on stage speech, will be presented by Irina Avtushenko, Associate professor of on stage speech department at GITIS, PH.d (Moscow). Theater critic Niyaz Iglamov (Kazan) will present a seminar on theater criticism and analysis of a play.

Secrets of a successful participation in grant based competitions of the Union of theatrical figures of RT (further STD RT) will reveal a leading specialist of a creative department of STD RT, educator at a Kazan theater college Adiliya Habibulina. Lectures with a theme: "Modern puppet theater. Trends, issues and prospects" will be presented by Aleksey Goncharenko, theater specialist, theater critic, Ph.D, chief of a theater association for children and puppet theater of Russia, member of the commission for research of international union leaders of a puppet theater UNIMA.

Daily current shows would be performed by the theater troupe. These include "Winnie the Pooh and all and all", "Kitten by the name Gav","Oscar and the Pink lady", "At the ark at eight", "Hedgehog in the fog". Each performance will serve as a material for discussion by the professional community.

For teachers and guests of the forum a trip to Elabuga, to the "Pearl of Tatarstan" is planned. Puppet theater groups from Izhevsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Kirov, Saransk, Ulyanovsk, Ufa, Cheboksar, Volgograd, Samara, Tyumen, Bryansk and Ozersk,Kstovo have already applied for participation in I interregional educational theater forum the "Work Horse".
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