Cat, Cockerel and Fox - The play-game for kids from 3 years old

The first night of the play - April 17, 2011

Author - I. Romanov
Producer - Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan I. Kluev
Production Designer - Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan I. Kluev
Composer - G. Khisamutdinov

Number of acts: One
One 60 minutes

The play is designed for the smallest audience. It is distinct and illustrative for them. During the performance schoolchildren will not be bored either – the play is filled with modern sound: Cockerel - Oily beard, in the absence of Cat-brother, watches action movie, listens to the player with headphones and misuses of fast food, which, in fact, leads him to a sad outcome . No, of course, Fox does not eat Cockerel, as it should be in the puppet theater, in a fairy tale good re-wins. Only in the new tale Cockerel suffered not so much because of his trustfulness, but because of laziness and gluttony. A traditional screen performance with using glove puppets is speeded up by the performance of the actors alive. Playing moments, interwoven into the plot of the fairy tale, make its view not only curious, but also useful for children.

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