Performance for children from 3 years

First night of the play- March 2014

Author - G. Oster

Director - Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan G. Kuznetsova

Production Designer - Honored art worker of the Republic of Tatarstan A. Mitrofanov

Performance based on the famous works of G.Oster, appeals to both young and adults.It is really cheerful and positive. A funny story about a curious and kind kitten. His name was - Woof. He had many adventures because of that. Sometimes they was funny, sometimes - sad. "Do not go there, there are trouble, waiting for you!" - warned him the wise adult kitty cat. "But, how not to go? They're waiting for me! "- the kid replied. How small, charming kitty copes with them – viewers learn during the performance. It`s unbelievable, that kitten and puppy become the best friends. The real friends share not only joy, but also trouble.

Good and touching tale teaches us to understand those who do not like us. In the course of the performance, amazing, cute characters have many adventures; they find both joy and complexity of the world and meet people who will help them to understand the Life. Kind and humorous story teaches us many useful things: to be open to the world, to be faithful and responsive friend. In addition, the play certainly will be loved by kids who dreams to have a pet.





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