A fairy tale for children from 3 years

The first night of the play - June 2012

Author - I. Romanov

Producer - Honoured Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan I. Kluev

Art Director - Honoured Cultural Worker of Tatarstan A. Mitrofanov

Music - Russian folk

An unusual fairy-tale about friendship and mutual assistance, the good kindhearted guy Ivan, enchanted Princess Marya, about friendly Snake Dragon and Baba Yaga, which are not bad heroes contrary to established stereotypes.

Ivan-the-Fool, the hero of a fairy tale, is not a fool, but a clever peasant guy, wishing with all his heart to help his loved princess, while his perfidious elder brother craves only for the half of the kingdom. Ivan sets off a perilous journey for the water of life, not knowing yet how many troubles and adventures will fall on his head before, in accordance with the special fabulous traditions, he will be justly rewarded.

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