A fairy tale for children from 3 years

The first night of the play - September 12, 2012

Author - L. Minevskaya

Producer - Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan G.Kuznetsova

Art Director - Honored art worker of Tatarstan A. Mitrofanov

A sunny summer day, girl Zhenya and her mother went to the forest to pick berries. As it turned out, it was hard work, that was very unattractive to Zhenya, but suddenly she met Borovik – an old man, a native Forest Man, a local patron of mushrooms and berries. He gave the girl a magic flute, that being playing, discloses the grass so that the wild strawberries become visible. However, in exchange for the flute, he asked the girl her jar. To pick up berries definitely needed the both, do it with something one is impossible. Eventually Zhenya came to the right decision, and began to pick up the berries on her own without the help of a magic flute. Light and positive performance will have the liking of kids and adults.

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