Before it became known that Chelny puppet theatre received the Prize of the College of critical acclaim for her performance of "Thumbelina" (M Korneyeva) II District festival of puppet theatres "Theatrical Volga-Thread" in the city of Ufa. By the way, "Thumbelina" is not the first time critics.

An old favorite story based on a famous work of Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen is the owner of the diploma of the 8th International festival of puppet theatres "Podolsky Lyalka-2013" (Vinnitsa, Ukraine), and in 2014 for imaging Mouse and Mole in "Thumbelina" the main artist of the theater, honored art worker of the Republic of Alexei Mitrofanov received a special jury prize at the 4th International festival of puppet theatres "workhorse -2014".

In the photo from left to right actors-puppeteers play "Thumbelina" Rimma Mitrofanova, Tatiana Salikhov (with the main prize-the symbol of the festival-glass ball), Egor Mitrofanov.

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