"The Fly-Tsokotukha"


How quickly summer flew! The autumn rains haven’t had time to cover yet, as part of a troupe of Naberezhnye Chelny State Puppet Theatre went on a tour to the city Magnitogorsk with the performances of "The Fly-Tsokotukha" by Ignat Romanov and "Thumbelina" by Marina Korneitcheva.

The second half of the cast stayed in the theater to prepare for the opening of the 28th theatrical season, which will take place on the stage of the puppet theater on September 21st, 2014.

After touring with little rest from the trip, the actors are starting on the journey again. At the end of September, in Kirov, the International Festival of Puppet Theatres "Vyatka is a town of childhood" will be held, in which Chelny puppeteers take part for the first time. This time, the theater presents the play about love based on Tatar folk epic "Snake-Sultan" to the members of the festival, residents and visitors of the city. This story raises the eternal questions of love, friendship, betrayal, and, of course, reflects the depth and history of the Tatar people. Then the actors are going to the festival to one more geographical neighbor, to the city Ufa. Their festival called "Theatre Volga-Thread" is quite symbolic, as only cultural ties allow subjects to maintain a dialogue both economic and political and social. It was decided to show "Thumbelina" at the Bashkir festival. By the way, the work of the main artist of the theater, Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Alexei Mitrofanov in this performance was awarded with a special jury prize "Workhorse 2014" for the creation of dolls Mouse and Mole. Bashkir audience will be able to see the "Thumbelina" on September 27th.



Already in October Chelny puppeteers are going on a tour to the city Ulyanovsk with performances "Fly-Tsokotukha", "Thumbelina" and the play, the holder of Republican Theatre Award "Tantan 2014", "Kitten named Woof." At the end of October, a director of Bryansk Puppet Theatre Paul Akinin is coming to our theatre to work on the production of "Oscar and the Pink Lady," based on the same work of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. Ability to carry out such a staging was presented in connection with the victory of the theater in the grant competition.

In May at the International Festival "Workhorse 2014" within the creative laboratory our Naberezhnye Chelny Theater showed the audio-tactile play for the blind and visually impaired children "Hedgehog and Fog", based on fairy tales by Sergei Kozlov. Funds for the production of the play were allocated by one of the largest joint stock companies of the republic after the victory of the theater in the contest of social and cultural projects. Colleagues from Izhevsk got very interested in the experience of activity of Puppet Theater in this direction and invited the troupe on a tour, where the performance "Hedgehog and Fog" will be timed the World Day of the Blind.

"Hedgehog and Fog"


In December and early January by long tradition Puppet Theatre is presenting a fun New Year program to make the theater the best place for a holiday and family holidays.

The year of 2015 was declared the Year of Literature in Russia. Its young audience the theater will get acquainted with the work of Alexander Sergeevitch Pushkin in an accessible form. It was decided to renew the performance "The Tale about Dead Princess" by the theatre arts council, and to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory the play "Punch in the war". Updated versions of the performances, audience will see in spring of 2015.

Charitable activity of the theater remains a priority. Puppet Theatre has made an application to the Federal target program "Culture 2012-2018" for the organization of a tour to Ingushetia with two performances based on Russian and Tatar folk tales. Another project of the theater is an application for staging the play "At the Ark at eight" by Ulrich Hub. In the competition of the Union of theatrical figures of the republic of Tatarstan for the creation of new productions Puppet Theatre is also involved, as well as in the competition of social and cultural projects of one of the largest energy companies in Russia and its charitable foundation. The results of the competition will be announced in September-November 2014.

How pleasant and helpful at the same time can be professional communication! For strengthening the professional relationships and exchange of experience the idea of holding a forum with the same name of the festival "Workhorse" (June 2015) appeared at a theatre director Zukhra Mitrofanova.

Forum "Workhorse" is unusual because unites people of a very rare profession, i.e. puppeteers. There are 2 sections: for actors and artists. In the framework of the forum business meetings and workshops for directors of puppet theaters, master classes, creative labs, practical trainings for actors and artist-scene-shifters of puppet theatres.

According to theater critics, Nabereznhye Chelny Puppet Theater is alive, and always looks for new ways that will certainly have a positive impact on the result. It cannot be otherwise, because the road is overcome just by walking.

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